How to Update All Packages on FunOS

FunOS is a minimal Ubuntu LTS-based GNU/Linux distro.

You won’t find a GUI-based application to update packages like in other Ubuntu-based distros.

To update all packages in FunOS, we can do it via the terminal. The method is as follows:

First. Click the menu in the bottom left corner of the screen. then click Terminal. Then run the following command to update the package index file on the system:

sudo apt update

Type your password, then press Enter.

It will then display whether an update is available for the installed package or not.

If an update is available, as shown in the image above, run the following command to upgrade the installed package:

sudo apt upgrade

Press y, then Enter

Wait until the upgrade process for all packages is complete.

After the upgrade is complete, you can run the following command to uninstall unused packages:

sudo apt autoremove


FunOS does not provide a GUI-based application to update packages. But we can update all packages easily via the terminal, as I have described above.

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