What is FunOS?

FunOS is a lightweight and minimal GNU/Linux distro with the following features:

  • Based on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat)
  • Using the JWM window manager
  • Using the LightDM display manager
  • Using the Xorg display server
  • Uses HWE kernel
  • It comes without Snap
  • It comes with several basic applications, such as file manager, text editor, terminal, image viewer, music and video player, calculator, web browser, document viewer, and several other basic applications.
  • Lightweight, uses around 230-250 MB of RAM when idle
  • The installer file (ISO) size is only around 1.8 GB
  • Using Ubiquity for the OS installation process
  • Can be installed on BIOS/Legacy and UEFI-based computer systems
  • Supports Secure Boot
  • Only available for PCs or laptop with 64-bit architecture (amd64)


Download the FunOS 24.04 installer ISO:


FunOS 24.04

FunOS 24.04 has been released. It is based on and fully compatible with Ubuntu 24.04…

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FunOS 22.04.4

This is the third update of FunOS ISO images in 2024, which works on the…

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